Product Care

Opening Packages - Please take care when opening your new parcel, excercise caution and supervise children when handling small and fragile items.

Positioning Items - If placing your items outdoors, a sheltered area is recommended to reduce weathering. A shaded or protected area, or under a patio or similar will increase the longevity of your fairy garden items. Bringing your items inside during extreme weather events is also recommended.

Protective Coating - Our manufacturers recommend all poly and resin items to be coated with a suitable polyurethane based varnish, available from craft and hardware stores, to protect against weathering. Generally once or twice a year would be sufficient, but will depend on factors like location, temperature etc. We suggest using a high quality UV stabilized product.

Size and Scale - There is no specific size or scale range for Fairy Garden miniatures, so please consider this when selecting items from different ranges. This tends to be less of an issue for children, who generally will be happy regardless.